Are you feeling rusty?  Lacking motivation? Training for a specific event?  Want to lose weight?  Give personal training a try!  It can be really fun and you will have the guidance and help you need to get the results you want.

Working together either one-on-one or in small groups, personal training is a great way to get motivated and make positive changes to your body!  I do my best to make it fun and interactive, taking into account each individual's obstacles and barriers to help relieve the feeling that you have to do it alone.  Sessions are custom designed for each person or group and typically include working with weights to build strength, cardiovascular segments to improve heart health and balance exercises that increase core strength.  Sessions conclude with various stretching exercises to keep the body flexible and reduce cramping and injuries.  Whether you want to reach old goals or set new ones, personal training is all about you and what is good and right for your body.


Look and feel better​

Lose weight

Gain Cardiovascular fitness

Increase energy

Improve your quality of life

Get started

Live well

Gudrun LLC Thai Yoga Massage & Personal Training 



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