Thai Yoga Massage, also known as Thai Massage or Thai Bodywork, is an ancient healing form of massage.  It is performed clothed on a comfortable mat with the person either seated or lying down.  The practitioner guides the recipient through a series of postures, while massaging, palming and thumbing along the body's energy (sen) lines and pressure (marma) points.  The result is a comprehensive full body treatment that creates space, relieves muscle tension, stretches the body, improves circulation and balances the body energetically, leaving feelings of well-being.

Whether you are experienced with yoga or not, Thai Yoga Massage is wonderful! You get to relax completely while I do the work -- you even get to keep your clothes on. Thai massage is about relaxation, rejuvenation, stretching and balancing the body and its systems.


Reduces and relieves stress

Increases flexibility and range of motion

Eases muscle and joint stiffness

Improves circulation

Improves energy

Calms the mind


            Click on the link to view my video about Thai yoga massage.





Live well

Gudrun LLC Thai Yoga Massage & Personal Training 



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